#BigTech / eBay CEO Shares Growth Plan As Company Profits From Digital Shift

While eBay’s second quarter results were stellar, the event was more notable for the unveiling of new CEO Jamie Iannone’s vision for the company.

Iannone’s three key priorities for the company are: build compelling next-generation experiences for high-volume buyers; become the partner of choice for sellers; and cultivate lifelong, trusted buyer relationships. Iannone spent the most time on the second priority and said he sees more small businesses selling on the eBay platform.

“We will treat them like true partners by making the platform easier to use… We will help them grow their brand, drive their sales and carefully protect their reputation by making eBay more compelling…”

The app is an important component of the Iannone’s plan, and he said he sees it as the best way to drive more purchase frequency, longer relationships and loyalty among buyers.

“We will continue to invest in the buyer experience and marketing technology capabilities as we work to foster lifelong trust in relationships with buyers…”