#DigitalBanking / Samsung Launches Digital Multi-Account ‘Pay Card’

For consumers juggling various credit card balances and accounts, why not designate one new card, this one digital, to manage it all?

That’s the pitch Samsung is making, with the mobile, tech and electronics giant on Tuesday (Aug. 18) rolling out its Samsung Pay Card.

The new digital card, accessed through Samsung smartphones and watches, “collates” a range of debit and credit cards from a range of banks onto a single platform, with the aim of helping users to better manage their finances and credit… Samsung has teamed on the new digital credit offering with Mastercard and with Curve, a FinTech whose technology the mobile phone giant is utilizing for the Pay Card.

In a feature that Samsung clearly hopes will be a significant selling point, the new card will include “‘Go Back in Time’ functionality,” enabling users to move transactions from one card to another after they have already made a digital payment.

[Samsung U.K. and Ireland:] “This is the future of banking, and we look forward to continuing this journey with our customers.”