#DigitalTransformation / Urban FT Helps Banks Bridge Fintech’s Infrastructure Gap

Urban FT’s newly-launched X-35 FinTech Core will enable financial institutions to centralize their fintech infrastructure into a singular hub that sits beside and is connected to the bank’s existing core or payment processor. The API-based, developer-friendly technology helps FIs create and deploy new, innovative solutions to their customers faster and at significantly less expense.

Urban FT sees the new offering as a tool to help smaller and mid-sized FIs maximize their engagement with their customers via more personalized products and services…

[CEO:] “We founded Urban FT with the vision of giving our clients the means to dream big and deliver exceptional, and that’s exactly what X-35 does” … He compared his company’s approach to providing “an Amazon Web Services for FIs”… “FIs can digitize nearly every interaction they have with their customers while significantly compressing the number of implementations, systems, and platforms they need to outpace the competition.”