#BigTech / Amazon To Open First LA Supermarket

Amazon Fresh… is the first of seven supermarkets the world’s largest eCommerce retailer plans for California and Greater Chicago.

Its debut will be by invitation only, but the store plans to open to the public in the coming weeks… Shoppers will get their first glimpse at the “Dash Cart” that allows customers to select and fill two grocery bags and skip checkout lines through a designated lane.

While it may look like any other shopping cart, its use of sensors, cameras, and a display screen tracks orders and grabs the amount due from a linked credit card.

Last month, Amazon boasted its biggest quarterly profit of all times…
Operating income increased to $5.8 billion in the second quarter compared with $3.1 billion a year ago, and net income increased to $5.2 billion compared to $2.6 billion. Video hours on Amazon Prime doubled. Online grocery sales tripled.