#Payments / Paysend Teams Up with Alipay to Streamline Cross-Border Money Transfers and Promote Financial Inclusion

UK-based Fintech firm Paysend, which focuses on global payments… will be working with Alipay to offer new cross-border money transfer options that aim to bring more seamless and inclusive financial services to consumers throughout the world.

Alipay claims that it serves around 1.3 billion consumers across the globe, with the help of its local digital wallet partners… Through the partnership, Paysend will aim to assist overseas users by allowing them to send funds across borders via licensed banks based in China, with the money being sent to bank accounts connected to the Alipay app.

[CEO at Paysend:] “Paysend’s vision is using the most advanced technology to make payments faster and easier for millions of customers around the world. Working with Alipay, we aim to bring a new dimension of convenience and simplicity to the movement of money.”

In February 2020, Paysend launched multi-currency accounts in Europe. That same month, the company introduced its global service in Australia. In March 2020, Paysend provided educational programs about virtual payments.