#LoyaltyPrograms / Curve expands its all-in-one service to include loyalty cards

All-your-cards-in-one fintech Curve is adding loyalty card support for the UK and European retailers like Boots, Costa Coffee, IKEA and more to its app.

The move means Curve users can leave more cards at home… It also means Curve is now challenging Stocard, Stampapp and others who’ve been trying to gain loyalty card market share by consolidating cards into a smartphone app for years.

[Curve:] “Curve’s loyalty ecosystem is our next step in taking people’s wallets into the cloud. Our intuitive UX design means users will never miss a reward again, while merchants continue to gain valuable and actionable insights… Curve’s technology means we can do what no one else can – help end fragmentation and inconvenience by combining personal finance and loyalty programmes in one place.”

Curve recently partnered with Samsung to launch the tech giant’s Samsung Pay Card, which uses Curve’s all-your-cards-in-one technology… The fintech also opened a waitlist for Curve Credit, a Klarna-like service that is poised to let its customers delay payments and spread the cost by using low-cost credit.