#BigTech #IoT / Big Tech’s Zigbee Alliance Eyes 2021 ‘Smart Home’ Standard

In what might be a roadmap drawn at least in part by Big Tech — with, specifically Apple, Amazon, Google among those names — the Zigbee Alliance is getting closer to bringing smart home (and tech automation) a bit closer to your doorstep. And the kitchen. And the home office.

… the Zigbee Alliance will debut a standard that is geared toward the “Project Connected Home over IP” next year. The overarching goal is to foster communication across devices that span smart home appliances, mobile hardware and software and also help certify those devices…

As noted in a recent IoT tracker published by PYMNTS… the global smart home market could be worth as much as $101 billion this year alone.

AppleInsider.com reports that initially, the devices that would be targeted by the industry group would include lighting and electrical products and security offerings such as doors and locks. Other devices and features to be targeted include TVs, windows and shades and as-yet-unspecified “additional consumer electronics products and the commercial industry.”

… the potential is there to create the “home oasis” one smart device at a time. “People are going to invest more in their homes”.