#WealthTech / Ex-N26 employee lands $1.8m to launch ETF-linked checking account

… Finch links accounts to exchange-traded fund (ETF)… This means investments made on the platform are liquid and accessible like an everyday current account.

The account automatically invests once a user sets their mix. This means users don’t have to adjust it each day like a brokerage account, and the fintech chooses the companies you invest in.

[Founder:] “We’re proud to be the first to launch an investing account with the flexibility of checking,” … Acorns brought roundups, Stash brought $5 dollar investments, and Robinhood brought commission-free investing… The real difference is that Finch is tapping the portion of America that has no clue about investing. Acorns has around 7 million users, Stash has around 5 million users, and Robinhood holds the biggest slice of the pie with 13 million.

But these user bases collectively only make up 7.6% of America’s 328.2 million population.

This means there’s still a huge pool of consumers to tap in the retail investing space.

“Lots of players are customer-segment-focused – even in the investment space, we’re seeing offerings for kids… We have those personas in mind, but for us it’s about the product category.”

Finch will generate money in three ways.
[1] … through interchange fees via a debit card.
[2] … subscription-based fee, depending on the account a user takes out. [3] … a spin on the traditional asset management fee…

Finch’s platform will work a like a bundle service, categorising users by the risk they want to take… It will invest deposits on behalf of customers alongside an investment adviser and, the firm claims, deliver returns. [Finch] … is determined to offer a service which neither puts users at high risk, nor allows users to do complex trades they don’t fully understand… “We want to go down the responsible path of investing.”