#SME #PayTech / Mailchimp Users Get New ‘Buy Button’ Via Stripe

The San Francisco-based FinTech and the newsletter giant are teaming up to enable Mailchimp users – many of whom are small businesses – to add a “buy button” to their websites. The goal is to help Mailchimp users start selling from their websites, potentially boosting revenue by giving customers a “quick path to purchase.”

In addition, with Stripe’s help, Mailchimp users will be able to do business globally, accepting payments in 41 different countries and in 135 currencies.

For Mailchimp users, the process of getting up and selling with the help of a buy button is relatively easy… After connecting with Stripe, Mailchimp users pick out a predesigned template, and then “drop a Payment block to customize what you want to sell,” the company says.

For Stripe, the new partnership comes on the heels of a June rollout of a pair of new products aimed at helping customers manage subscriptions and pay with international bank debits.