#BigTech #eCommerce / Amazon Explore Debuts Virtual Tours, Shopping Experiences

Amazon is launching a new feature called Amazon Explore for virtual tours of real places one can take without leaving the house, according to a post on the company’s website.

The eCommerce giant said in the post that Amazon Explore works by connecting a user one-on-one with a host, allowing the host to take the user on a virtual tour of a place. The user doesn’t have to be on camera. The tours include categories like cultural landmarks, learning and creativity for things like cooking or tie-dyeing, and shopping at boutique markets and other places.

Most of the sessions are between 30 and 60 minutes, and users are instructed to pick a period of day when they have the most time to sit down and take the tour. They can log in through their Amazon accounts. Users can snap photos during their sessions by clicking the camera icon on their screens.

The hosts are a wide range of people, including guides, teachers and personal shoppers… And users can buy items they find on the tour as they would in person. The way that works… is that one can buy things available on the street where their tour guide is, or in shops nearby.