#eCommerce / Walmart Could Invest $25B In Developing Tata Group’s ‘Super App’

The Tata Group’s app… will offer food and grocery ordering, fashion and lifestyle, consumer electronics and consumer durables, insurance and financial services, education, healthcare and bill payments.

“Walmart is keen to get a strong brand backing its eCommerce business, while Tata Group wants a global name and an established player in the online space,” a source told Mint.

If the deal is signed, it would represent India’s largest retail space ever, eclipsing Walmart’s 2018 purchase of a 66 percent stake in Flipkart for $16 billion.

In May, Tata Capital, a division of Tata Group, introduced a mobile app that promised a better user experience for getting loans. It allows users to apply and track application requests, raise draw-down requests and track transactions and repayment schedules.