#SustainableFinance / French firm Idemia launches green cards for banks

Idemia, a Paris-based multinational technology company, has launched Greenpay, a sustainable alternative for banks that wish to offer end-to-end (E2E) green cards.

By end-to-end, Idemia means the entire production of the card… [Idemia: ]
“It’s not going to be green if you make one break in the value chain… We spotted all the different waste stages and reduced them.”

The company started with the chip design. The smaller the chip, the less polluting it is… As for transporting the card, Idemia is “trying to push soft modes such as ships over air carriers”. It has also reduced the use of paper in packaging cards. Currently, the firm is developing printers in its own service centres to ensure printing is done on demand only.

“We’re coming up with recycling solutions for the card too”…