#BigTech #OmniCommerce / Is YouTube The Next Amazon? Google Hopes So

Google is experimenting with new features to drive online shopping dollars to YouTube and is encouraging some creators there to tag and track any products used in their videos.

Features are being trialed with some creators, and the move is an “experiment” … The resulting data will then be linked to Google’s analytics and shopping tools. YouTube began testing a similar Shopify integration for creators who can list as many as 12 items for sale on a digital carousel below their videos, according to the company.

… the hope is that YouTube’s millions of videos can be turned into shopping opportunities. A Shopify integration for YouTube merchandise sales is also in the works.

Amazon and Walmart have unsuccessfully tried making shoppable videos a new revenue stream. Douyin — China’s version of TikTok — cashed in on influencers selling everything from cosmetics to electronics.

Ware2Go said its recent survey indicated that “52 percent of merchants found a fast shipping promise to be the most effective tactic to increase cart conversion.”