#LendTech / Introducing Varo Advance: Instant Cash Access up to $100

Designed to help customers proactively manage their finances, Varo Advance offers instant access to up to $100 cash right in the Varo Bank app. With a fixed, transparent cost structure – no tips, no hidden fees, and no instant access fees – Varo Advance provides an advance of up to $20 for free, with a maximum charge of $5 for a $100 advance. Customers choose when they would like to repay within a 30-day window…

[CEO:] "Our No Fee Overdraft program was a huge success, saving Varo customers well over $100 million dollars in its first year. Varo customers requested a more proactive solution that offered greater control over their finances, rather than being forced to go into the red to access additional cash… "

Varo Advance will be fully integrated into Varo Bank accounts. Once they meet approval criteria, customers can access this safety net conveniently right in the Varo app, without needing a credit check. Varo Advance can be used immediately, anywhere for any unexpected expense – allowing customers to plan ahead and offering more control over their money – all with no surprise fees, no tips, and no waiting for pending charges to settle before customers can access their cash.