#PropTech / OJO Labs acquires personal finance platform Digs

… Digs is an FDIC-insured platform that helps consumers set and track savings goals, learn about the buying process, and understand credit.

With this acquisition, OJO Labs hopes to help homebuyers and homeowners navigate financial responsibilities like saving for a down payment, securing the right lender, building equity and saving for renovations…

[OJO Labs:] “The acquisition of Digs enables us to provide that much-needed, personalized guidance during the buying process and seamlessly transition the consumer to managing their home as an asset… Digs has created a simple, easy-to-use platform that addresses consumers’ needs from starter home to forever home – it’s a noble cause, and we’re thrilled to join forces.”

[CEO of Digs:] “Our mission is to help consumers reach their goal of homeownership and continue to build wealth…”