#DigitalBanking / Line launches messenger-based banking platform in Thailand

Line Corporation, the Tokyo-based messenger service, has integrated banking into its app… Called “Line BK”, the service allows users to transfer money, make deposits, apply for loans, and make payments within the messenger app.

Users can open as many as five savings accounts with interest rates of up to 1.5% a year on six-to-12-month terms. Users can also apply for a debit card with 0.5% credit cashback… Personal loans are also available through the app. Customers… will be able to apply via Line BK’s loan services.

Users can also automatically share e-slips (bank transfer receipts), split bills for group expenses, and send request-to-pay links… Thai users can withdraw cash without a card using the Line app.

Line plans to roll out banking services in its other countries, prioritising Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia in a statement.