#PayTech / BBVA debuts “dynamic CVV” numberless card Aqua

BVA has rolled out a new line of numberless credit cards dubbed “Aqua”… These cards do not have card numbers (PAN), expiry dates and card verification value (CVV) printed on them. Customers must access BBVA’s mobile app and check the card number, CVV and expiration date when making purchases. The new Aqua cards feature a dynamic CVV code in order to provide security for online payments. Alternatively, they can also use the app to make in-store payments.

This functionality is based on cloud technology and advanced cryptographic algorithms to ensure the inviolability of the code generated for the end user.

The card will be issued in recycled plastic, which fulfils BBVA’s objective of reducing environmental impact.

[BBVA, Spain:] “This initiative goes beyond the launch of a card. It is a new experience for our clients”…