#FractionalOwnership #WealthTech / Digital Brokerage Solution Provider DriveWealth Secures $56.7M

… DriveWealth is on a mission to democratize investing in the U.S. stock market by making it available to everyone, globally, at an affordable cost. The company noted is has developed a unique proprietary ecosystem powered by licenses to clear fractional-share orders. DriveWealth further explained that it currently works with a number of fintechs, which includes Hatch, Revolut, Stake, and Moneylion to offer access to the U.S. equities market to millions of retail investors in 153 countries.

[DriveWealth Founder and CEO:] “DriveWealth saw its partners open more accounts in 2Q than E*Trade, Schwab and TD Ameritrade combined, and 3Q saw a 33% increase over 2Q. This type of activity speaks to the power of making it simple for consumers to start investing immediately. The new funding from our great investors will only help us improve our technology capabilities to democratize investing.”