#PropTech / Nasdaq ventures invests in Dealpath

Nasdaq’s strategic investment in Dealpath initiates a developing partnership to further enhance real estate investment workflows and supports Dealpath’s vision of creating an efficient, digital, global marketplace for the built world.

Currently, hundreds of top investment management firms use Dealpath as their deal management platform such as Blackstone, AEW, Bridge Investment Group, Oxford Property Group, UBS Realty and Manulife. Every deal sourced, evaluated and executed by these firms is managed on Dealpath, with Dealpath being utilized as their system of record and their platform for generating investment analysis and investment decisions.

[Co-Founder and CEO:] "Dealpath is transforming a global real estate industry that transacts over $1 trillion annually with antiquated and disparate means of deal management… we are achieving that through our intuitive, purpose-built software that empowers collaboration, expert decisions and scale."