#SME / NerdWallet to Acquire Fundera, the Go-to Financial Resource for 28 Million US based SMBs

NerdWallet, a U.S.-based website and app that offers financial guidance to over 160 million consumers each year, has reportedly acquired Fundera, which serves as the “go-to” financial resource for the 28 million SMBs based in the United States.

The acquisition will allow NerdWallet to expand its financial guidance and other types of financing services so that it can serve more small business clients. Nerdwallet aims to establish a stronger presence in the SMB market while advancing its goal of offering more clarity for all of life’s major financial decisions.

NerdWallet has managed to establish a profitable and fast-growing business, because it has been able to diversify its line of products. During the past few years, NerdWallet has expanded its existing financial content and marketplaces by adding student loans, investing, insurance, mortgages and several other services.

NerdWallet plans to continue diversifying its products and will focus on further expanding its business operations.