#PayTech / Fast is speeding to a $1bn valuation just one year after seed

The start-up’s speedy route to what could be unicorn status is unusual. It’s unclear how the fintech has jumped $720 million in value over just seven months.

Fast spokesperson… tells… that adoption of its core product Fast Checkout “has far exceeded” its “ambitious projections”.

How Fast works
In September, Fast Checkout, the start-up’s universal one-click purchase product for e-commerce, launched. Alongside Fast Login, it does what it says on the tin – it allows people to buy and merchants to sell, faster. The products work on any browser, device or platform, delivering a “consistent, stress-free” purchasing experience. They aim to solve the cumbersome problem of creating passwords and accounts to buy products on new sites, a process which can drive drop-offs before checkout.

But it isn’t alone in the market with this offering. Payment wallets like Apple and Google Pay hold some of this market share. So too does PayPal Checkout, and the financial offerings integrated by the likes of ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.