#SustainableBanking #AI / Deutsche Börse leads $15 million round in Clarity AI

Deutsche Börse has led a $15 million funding round in Clarity AI, a Spanish fintech firm that uses machine learning and big data to help investors understand the societal impact of their investment portfolios.

Founded in 2017, Clarity AI has offices in the US, UK and Spain and a client network with over $3T assets under management (AUM). The company’s proprietary tech platform performs sustainability assessments covering more than 30,000 companies, 198 countries, 187 local governments and over 200,000 funds.

[Founder and CEO:] “Our purpose is simple: to measure the impact of companies on our society and planet. Investors attempting to evaluate impact have faced fragmented and unreliable data, inconsistent subjective definitions, and a lack of standards and tools for comprehensive analysis. Historically it has been too hard and resource-intensive to get accurate and transparent insights. Clarity AI provides a solution for that.”