#WealthTech / Finch Launches Industry-First All-in-One Checking and Investing Platform

Finch’s innovative platform reinvents the traditional checking account by incorporating the power of investing and putting your money to work more effectively. Finch lets customers earn investment returns by automatically investing their checking balance into a portfolio designed to match their unique risk profile. This means your entire balance is always working for you, from day one, no matter what your balance is. Finch further pushes the envelope by enabling customers instant access to their money when they need it – even the invested part!

… Finch creates a whole new product category that sits at the intersection of banking and investing, providing a unique way to unlock the opportunity for greater financial growth within the familiar environment of an everyday account.

Finch offers two portfolios: Stable and Growth. The Stable portfolio consists of cash and a mix of ETFs that invest in short-term government and corporate bonds. The goal of this portfolio is to allow you to dip your toes into investing while aiming to preserve your capital. This portfolio gives you the potential to earn a return marginally greater than, but comparable to, what you would earn in a high yield savings account… The Growth portfolio consists of cash and a mix of ETFs that invest in US large stocks and bonds. The goal of this portfolio is to help you to unlock the benefits of investing and build long term wealth.