#PropTech / Banco Santander’s VC arm invests in Spanish proptech Clikalia

Mouro Capital, Banco Santander’s capital venture arm, has invested an undisclosed amount into Clikalia, a Spanish fintech which digitises the buying and selling of houses.

Back in April, the proptech rebranded from Clicpiso to Clikalia. The new name is the sum of ‘clic’ and ‘alia’, which means house in Greek.

The fintech, which landed €8 million last year, agrees to buy a home within a maximum period of seven days. It will then aim to resell the home within 120 days, after making it more sustainable and energy efficient.

[The VC arm’s general partner Manuel Silva Martínez:] “We believe Clikalia can be a driver for transformation and new business opportunities in Europe and Latin America.”