#AI #LendTech / Danske Bank deploys Windward AI to track risk at sea

Windward’s says its AI-based predictive intelligence solution will enable Danske Bank to employ “dynamic risk profiling”.

Windward’s platform will enhance Danske Bank’s screening, investigating, and auditing of transactions. It claims the system can cover “90% of global trade which occurs on the ocean.”

Israel-based Windward says its solutions uses 300 behavioural analytics models and over 10 billion data points.

It draws on open source data, satellite imagery, weather forecasts, and broadcasted tracking data to predict and detect unusual activity at sea.

“Trade finance is becoming more complex as regulations targeting money laundering, financial crime, and compliance evolve across the globe,” says Ami Daniel, Windward CEO.

“Danske Bank now has the most comprehensive, real-time, risk-based view of the maritime trade ecosystem.”