#PayTech / Revolut lets businesses accept online payments

Fintech startup Revolut is launching its own acquiring solution. With this move, the company is competing directly with Stripe, Adyen, Braintree or Checkout.com… Revolut already offers business accounts. It lets you send and receive international payments, and exchange funds in multiple currencies…

With Revolut’s acquiring solution, the company is going one step further, as you can now accept card payments from your customers. Revolut supports 14 currencies and settles payments on your Revolut Business account the next day.

The main advantage of Revolut’s acquiring solution is that it’s integrated with Revolut Business. You can see payments and banking in the same interface, you don’t need to alternate between your Stripe account and your bank account to reconcile transaction data.

It could work particularly well for B2B businesses that don’t handle a ton of transactions and don’t want to set up a separate payments solution.