#PFM / Self Financial Raises $40M

Self Financial (Self.inc) [is] … a leading fintech startup enabling consumers to build credit and savings…

[Meritech:] “Self is addressing a systemic problem of financial inequality in the right way. It has built the technology while maintaining low operating costs to be able to offer accessible products and building lasting relationships with its customers…”

Self provides tools for its customers geared toward building positive behaviors (such as on-time payment history and responsibly using credit) and long-term success, working in partnership with its issuing banks. With the Self Credit Builder Account consumers simultaneously tackle both credit and savings without requiring a hard credit inquiry or credit history. The Self Visa® Credit Card is a unique secured credit card that doesn’t require a credit check and provides existing Self customers the ability to build their security deposit in installments rather than a large upfront deposit.

[CEO:] “Despite increased adversity, this year we’ve seen demand for our products increase as people look to get control of their finances where possible. Fortunately, we also see our customers keeping their commitment to themselves by sticking to their plans…”