#InsurTech / TONI Digital launches new insurance-as-a-service platform on Socotra’s cloud-native core

TONI Digital has developed an insurance-as-a-service solution enabling large corporations to quickly enter the insurance market, generate revenue, and leverage existing brand and customer bases. Built on Socotra’s agile core platform, TONI Digital’s new proprietary insurtech service will be able to automate all aspects of the insurance life-cycle. It will offer highly competitive insurance premiums and integrate with established risk carriers. Insurers will be able to provide customers with user-friendly, fully-digital experiences and transparent, affordable insurance products. The service is launching with personal auto insurance and will continue to expand into other lines of business.

[TONI Digital CTO:] “Socotra handed us the essential underlying insurance functionality as a readily developed product on a silver platter… Integrating the Socotra insurance core using their well-documented APIs was easy. Additionally, we can configure everything ourselves—no phone calls or time-consuming and costly customizations needed…”