#FinancialInclusion / The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Launches the Cambridge Alternative Finance Collaboration Network

The CCAF is the leading Fintech research organization in the world… a “network of regionally embedded resources and capabilities engaged in the creation and exchange of knowledge needed by policymakers, regulators & industry to navigate the digital transformation of the global financial system.”

[Director and Co-Founder of the CCAF:] “We are now entering a new chapter for the CAFCN, with plans to operationalise in three more regions. We will also be introducing digital tools, currently under development, that provide the necessary resources to feed a dynamic global network that enables tangible assistance to be delivered to underbanked, unbanked, financially excluded populations. These tools will be equally relevant to supporting the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide.”

The CAFCN’s mission is to facilitate cross-regional and sectoral knowledge to fulfill its goal of “informing decisions related to financial inclusion, economic growth, and poverty.”