#EmbeddedFinance / Payroll infrastructure startup Check raises $35 million

Andrew Brown, CEO and co-founder of Check, told FinLedger in an interview that the company plans to use the funding to grow existing and new partnerships and hire about a dozen people across different departments, such as engineering, sales, marketing and others.

Check lets clients embed payroll directly into a vertical software-as-a-service, HR, or time-tracking platform. The company provides the “building blocks” to build a customizable payroll product, such as an API, a dashboard and other features. Brown explained that the payroll product industry is a very fragmented market, and each business deserves a whole operating system that has specifically tailored software for it.

… Check also said it was founded in 2019 by the team that built Oyster, “the Netflix for books,” which was acquired by Google in 2015. Brown said that Check spent the past two years building the core underlying platform and working with early partners, and then officially launched on Wednesday.