#CX / The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer in Banking (And Why It Matters)

More than ever, financial institutions must have a single view of the customer, collecting omnichannel data that allows for real-time personalization and decisioning across the organization. A customer data platform must support the ability to interact with the customer throughout their journey, in real-time, on the channel(s) they prefer for maximum marketing effectiveness.

Online and offline channels are no longer considered separate by consumers. More than ever, consumers will connect with their bank or credit union across channels, interacting with many touchpoints before opening an account, expanding a relationship, or even doing a simple transaction.

According to Futurum Research, “Brands must reinvent their operating models to act in the moment. They need a holistic data and technology strategy that they can individualize at scale, customer journey capabilities that can adapt in real-time, and intelligent decisioning to automate the self-reinforcing cycle of tailored experiences.”