#FinancialInclusion / HSBC, Microsoft, and Santander back Included VC’s diversity fellowship

The 12-month-long programme is designed to give those from diverse communities easier entry into the world of investing.

Europe’s seed-stage VC Seedcamp is another backer in the 11-company initiative, alongside seven other European funds.

As Included VC explains on its website: “Traditional methods of pattern recognition and ‘warm introductions’ limit diversity and reduce exposure to many of the most talented entrepreneurs.”

Whilst female entrepreneurs have, according to PitchBook data, climbed up the UK’s total VC investment for 2020 by 6%. There are still plenty of other minority groups not even getting a look in, and this is in large part down to a lack of diversity on VC boards.

Included VC argues it has “the broadest definition of diversity”. It covers gender, ethnicity, non-typical degrees, intergenerational diversity, disability, neural diversity, and applicants from excluded communities such as refugees and ex-inmates.