#InsurTech / Venture fund FinTLV raises $120 million to hunt for the next insurtech unicorns

FinTLV will invest in the next wave of growth-stage insurtechs following its successful backing of unicorns in 2020.

FinTLV will likely focus funds on insurtechs embedding their offering into partners’ platforms and insurtechs that tackle coverage gaps.

Embedded insurance, in which nonfinancial firms integrate insurance products, will be a major insurtech trend of the next decade. Embedded insurance is expected to create over $3 trillion in market value within the next 10 years-and venture funds such as FinTLV will want to get a piece of this action. FinTLV stated that successful insurtechs must “establish relationships with other players in the insurance ecosystem” … Insurtechs that facilitate or make use of embedded insurance will therefore likely present attractive funding opportunities, as it eases partnerships between insurtechs, insurers, and nonfinancial platforms.