#eCommerce / Revolut moves into e-commerce with Revolut Shopper

Revolut Shopper allows users to find online discount deals while offering security with single-use virtual cards. Other new features include purchase protection, username personalization, and the ability to track spending.

… a new browser extension called Revolut Shopper… allows users to get discounts by automatically finding and applying discount codes at selected retailer websites.

Users can securely shop online through Revolut’s single-use virtual cards, which self-destruct after every transaction. Multi-use virtual cards are also available, in case users want to set up one card for a particular store or subscription. The extension auto-fills card details every time customers go to check out, making repeat visits more convenient. When shopping with Revolut’s partners, customers also receive up to 42% cashback to their Revolut account, in addition to any promo codes applied by the extension.

Revolut Shopper is not the first browser extension on the market to find discount deals for online shoppers. A number of established Google Chrome extensions already offer this service, including Rakuten, InvisibleHand, and Honey, which was acquired by PayPal last year.

What separates Revolut Shopper from its competitors is the access to online deals in combination with its unique customized virtual card feature….