#DigitalBanking / N26 Announces New Partnership With Adidas

Digital-only bank platform N26… has formed a new partnership with global sports brand Adidas to bring its customers perks on their next sportswear purchase…. customers will receive a one-time perk on all regular items purchased through the dedicated N26 x Adidas link in the N26 mobile app. Founded in 2013 and launched in early 2015,Continue reading “#DigitalBanking / N26 Announces New Partnership With Adidas”

#LendTech / Google, CFPB Team On Housing, Mortgage Search ‘Experience’

In May, searches for “how to buy a house” reached an all-time high while “refinancing” reached a record high in March. To help people better understand the mortgage process, Google collaborated with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau… to create a new mobile experience in Google Search. Now, when users search “mortgage,” they will find aContinue reading “#LendTech / Google, CFPB Team On Housing, Mortgage Search ‘Experience’”

#LendTech / HMBradley’s new credit card offers awards that adjust to spending

Challenger bank HMBradley has announced a new rewards credit card that adapts to how customers spend their money… The card offers customers 3% cash back for purchases in their highest spending category, 2% for the next highest category, and 1% for additional purchases each month. The card automatically adapts to how people spend their moneyContinue reading “#LendTech / HMBradley’s new credit card offers awards that adjust to spending”

#Digital Banking / Goldman Sachs Has Big Plans for Marcus

Goldman Sachs is looking for inspiration from the big tech companies rather than big banks as it considers where to take its brand… [Global head of Goldman Sachs’ consumer business:] “We want to do what Amazon has done to retail, or what Apple has done to music, where you innovate on the distribution and consumptionContinue reading “#Digital Banking / Goldman Sachs Has Big Plans for Marcus”

#POSFinance / Afterpay Creates Incentives For Users To Pay On Time

Payments company Afterpay, which works in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) space, is rolling out a new feature called Pulse…  the new program is meant to incentivize those who make payments on time and “choose to spend responsibly,” praising young people in the millennial and Gen-Z population who have made the choice to useContinue reading “#POSFinance / Afterpay Creates Incentives For Users To Pay On Time”

#BigTech / Google, Shopify Team To Boost Buy On Google Merchant Base

Google plans a souped-up Buy on Google product so that participating sellers won’t have to pay the Big Tech firm a commission fee and shoppers will get to pay through such third-party providers as PayPal and Shopify. [Google:] “Over the past few months, we’ve made significant changes to help businesses reach more consumers and helpContinue reading “#BigTech / Google, Shopify Team To Boost Buy On Google Merchant Base”

#InsurTech / Lemonade rival Hippo raises $150m financing round

Hippo Enterprises, a competitor to home insurance technology business Lemonade, has closed a $150 million financing round… Hippo, which was valued at about $1 billion in a funding round last year, is preparing for a potential initial public offering… [CEO:] “In 2021, we’ll be ready to go public,” … Lemonade, a homeowner insurance provider backedContinue reading “#InsurTech / Lemonade rival Hippo raises $150m financing round”

#POSFinance / Affirm Powers POS Credit On Shopify

With the buy now, pay later (BNPL) movement on the rise, Affirm will be working with Shopify so its U.S. merchants can offer a BNPL payment option to their customers…  Affirm’s program essentially provides buyers of a wide range of products with a short-term loan that can be repaid through regular installments. … the ShopifyContinue reading “#POSFinance / Affirm Powers POS Credit On Shopify”

#Platforms / Airbnb Offered A Novel Way To Go Public

[CEO of Airbnb] told Reuters his company has been approached about a merger with a so-called blank-check acquisition company. The arrangement is defined as a development-stage company that lacks a business plan or one that is based on a merger or acquisition of another company, makes the offer. Typically, these blank-check companies are referred toContinue reading “#Platforms / Airbnb Offered A Novel Way To Go Public”