Marcus Plans to Build Full Digital Bank Offering

Digital banking has taken off … and Marcus by Goldman Sachs is looking to capitalize on this momentum; the firm is looking to expand their offering with an AI-powered digital assistant and a checking account…  [Marcus:] “Our goal is to deliver a mobile and web experience that allows the consumer to do anything they wouldContinue reading “Marcus Plans to Build Full Digital Bank Offering”

Ant Group Plans Dual IPOs in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Ant Group, formerly known as Ant Financial, the creator of Alipay, has said that it is planning to do dual IPOs in Hong Kong and Shanghai; this means the world’s most valuable fintech company will not seek to raise money in New York instead going with China’s one-year-old Nasdaq competitor STAR market as well asContinue reading “Ant Group Plans Dual IPOs in Shanghai and Hong Kong”

Money manager for freelancers Flow lands Dutch PSD2 licence

Flow manages users’ money-flows using an autopilot feature which acts a lot like a “pre-accounting method”… It can also recognise invoices, before automatically saving or depositing money into an assigned account, and sets aside VAT. Whilst the offering is geared towards freelancers, companies and consumers can also use the service to save and manage cashContinue reading “Money manager for freelancers Flow lands Dutch PSD2 licence”

Triodos Bank UK CEO: “We’re no ‘challenger bank’, we exist to challenge the way banking is done”

[CEO describes]  Triodos as a “sustainable bank”, indeed the bank started life in the 1980s as the brainchild of four Dutch friends who sought to create a financial services group with the aim of promoting human quality of life and a more fair and sustainable society… “We exist to challenge the way banking is done.Continue reading “Triodos Bank UK CEO: “We’re no ‘challenger bank’, we exist to challenge the way banking is done””

Disposable card issuer lands $10.2m

In the last three years, the start-up has issued around five million virtual card numbers. The idea is that users keep their real credit card numbers offline and safe. …it allows corporate customers to issue virtual cards and manage expenses for employees in their own back-end systems. [CEO:] “We’re the first company that allows developersContinue reading “Disposable card issuer lands $10.2m”

Inside Betterment’s move into banking with President of Retail, Mike Reust

Betterment was headed in the direction of added banking functionality… Now, the challenger bank is emphasizing cashflow management as a central tenet of its platform. A lot of monoline financial firms look a lot like banks nowadays. Rebundling, as we like to call it in the industry, is happening. You don’t need to look furtherContinue reading “Inside Betterment’s move into banking with President of Retail, Mike Reust”

Mastercard Expands Crypto Card Partner Program

The Accelerate program works to provide a streamlined entry point to the Mastercard range of cryptocurrency programs, offering quick onboarding for crypto firms onto Mastercard, and support and assistance for their growth and transformation… Participants can make use of Mastercard’s insights and cybersecurity services. … the Accelerate program allows for connections with other companies andContinue reading “Mastercard Expands Crypto Card Partner Program”

AML startups Lucinity and Hummingbird raise funds

Iceland-based Lucinity uses ‘Human AI’ to help financial services firms detect suspicious behaviour and ‘Make Money Good’ with more automation and self-learning. [Founder: ] “Banks have been fighting a good fight, but with outdated technology. Now it’s time to step up and empower banks to reach beyond the 1% of laundered money that they currentlyContinue reading “AML startups Lucinity and Hummingbird raise funds”

UBS invests in home ownership startup Houzy

As part of its platform business model for property owners, UBS has invested in Houzy, a Swiss startup that offers users tips and tools to handle renovations and likely costs. The interest in Houzy follows the recent launch by UBS of key4, an open online platform for financing and maintaining owner-occupied homes and housing. HouzyContinue reading “UBS invests in home ownership startup Houzy”