#BigTech #PayTech / Amazon rolls out palm payment technology

Amazon has unveiled technology that lets shoppers at physical stores pay for their purchases by scanning the palm of their hands. The firm has been experimenting with payment options, including the use of "just walk out" technology, which taps sensors and cameras to track what items customers take from the shelves and then automatically chargesContinue reading “#BigTech #PayTech / Amazon rolls out palm payment technology”

#PayTech / Pasadena retailers deploy pay-by-face tech

… a group of restaurants and retailers in the city of Pasadena have rolled out pay-by-face technology. The businesses have teamed up with PopID to deploy its PopPay face-pay technology. Customers add a credit or debit card to their PopID accounts and then scan their face at the checkout. Once the face is recognised, theContinue reading “#PayTech / Pasadena retailers deploy pay-by-face tech”