#PropTech #DLT / Figure Lending lands $100M funding facility

SoFi co-founder Mike Cagney’s latest digital mortgage operation Figure Lending closed on a $100 million funding facility from JPMorgan Chase… The warehouse facility will allow the company, a subsidiary of Figure Technologies, to originate conventional loans as well as jumbo loans… “This facility with J.P. Morgan will help us continue to innovate in the lendingContinue reading “#PropTech #DLT / Figure Lending lands $100M funding facility”

#BlockChain #DLT / JPMorgan to roll out commercial blockchain product for the repo market

JPMorgan has completed a live, blockchain-based intraday repo transaction using an in-house developed application which supported instantaneous settlement and maturity of the transaction in hours, as opposed to days. The offering will now be made available in production to external counterparties in the US – some of which have already simulated transactions on the newContinue reading “#BlockChain #DLT / JPMorgan to roll out commercial blockchain product for the repo market”

#BlockChain #DLT / Sygnum tokenises shares on blockchain

Swiss digital asset bank Sygnum has tokenised its own shares, laying the foundation for a future public offering, which includes a potential dual listing across Switzerland and Singapore in partnership with SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). Sygnum used its own inhouse tokenisation platform, Desygnate, to issue digital representations of shares and associated legal rights and obligationsContinue reading “#BlockChain #DLT / Sygnum tokenises shares on blockchain”

#DigitalID / Spanish banks lead development of blockchain-based digital ID model

Ten leading Spanish companies – including Santander, LiberBank, Bankia, Caixa Bank, and BME – are planning to roll out a self-managed digital identity model using blockchain technology. Self-managed identity enables people to have their personal data in a single digital identity, backed by the companies involved and stored on their own mobile device. Users mayContinue reading “#DigitalID / Spanish banks lead development of blockchain-based digital ID model”

#FinancialInclusion / Ripple Boosts Digital Financial Inclusion

… Ripple donated £7.73 million to humanitarian aid organization Mercy Corps, intending to bolster the non-governmental organization’s efforts to help create economic opportunities for those in areas with flawed financial systems… … Mercy Corps has been able to help over 220 million people survive a variety of humanitarian conflicts. And through work with RippleWorks, theContinue reading “#FinancialInclusion / Ripple Boosts Digital Financial Inclusion”

#DigitalAssets / Ant launches blockchain-based cross-border trade platform

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group has unveiled Trusple, a blockchain-powered global trade and financial services platform. Ant says the platform will make it easier and cheaper for firms, especially SMEs, to sell their wares around the world while also reducing costs for financial institutions. Trusple – a contraction of ‘trust made simple’ – works byContinue reading “#DigitalAssets / Ant launches blockchain-based cross-border trade platform”

#BlockChain / Saudi Arabia Eyes Blockchain Passport For Business

Saudi Arabia has proposed a business passport built off of blockchain technology… A “Global Value Chain” (GVC) passport would let companies that adhere to the financial rules in their own nations display their qualifications in other places… [it would] offer a distributed, up-to-the-moment and credible way for watchdogs to check out credential claims through theContinue reading “#BlockChain / Saudi Arabia Eyes Blockchain Passport For Business”

#CryptoCurrency / China’s Digital Yuan Might Include A Traceable Wallet Feature

… the rollout of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) might not only include digital wallets – it could also come with hardware wallets, too… A hardware wallet is a physical medium working in a similar manner to an actual wallet with physical money in it. That means users could be able to keep largerContinue reading “#CryptoCurrency / China’s Digital Yuan Might Include A Traceable Wallet Feature”

#Cryptocurrency / Bank-issued stablecoin used for e-commerce payment

In what is being hailed as a world-first, a bank-issued stablecoin has been used to carry out an e-commerce payment. Sygnum Bank’s digital Swiss Franc (DCHF) was used to make a payment on the site of Swiss online retailer Galaxus. The transaction was enabled by Danish digital currency platform provider Coinify. The value of Sygnum’sContinue reading “#Cryptocurrency / Bank-issued stablecoin used for e-commerce payment”

#CryptoCurrency / Sberbank Teams With S7 Airlines For Crypto Ticket Sales

… Sberbank is said to be teaming with Russian air carrier S7 Airlines on a ticket sale technology that involves tokens and smart contracts… The new technology is reportedly only geared toward business customers in its current phase of build out, and the technology aims to reduce settlement time to only 20 seconds from asContinue reading “#CryptoCurrency / Sberbank Teams With S7 Airlines For Crypto Ticket Sales”