#PFM #AI / Snoop on track to raise more than £5.7m through Seedrs

The app, launched earlier in April, believes it can save an average household £1,500 annually on bills and subscriptions. Be that with personal banking, insurance, energy, mortgage or telecom providers. The fintech uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scour the internet on behalf of users to find the best deals. All the while, it uses OpenWrk’sContinue reading “#PFM #AI / Snoop on track to raise more than £5.7m through Seedrs”

#PFM / UK challenger Lanistar lands £15m from CEO’s family

Founded last year by Kiziloz, Lanistar is yet to reveal its full product offering… [Kiziloz:] “Lanistar is not only planning to stand out, but step over all the other start-ups in the fintech industry… We have a never-seen before debit card [which we] cannot disclose at this moment and [a] marketing strategy that has neverContinue reading “#PFM / UK challenger Lanistar lands £15m from CEO’s family”

#PropTech / OJO Labs acquires personal finance platform Digs

… Digs is an FDIC-insured platform that helps consumers set and track savings goals, learn about the buying process, and understand credit. With this acquisition, OJO Labs hopes to help homebuyers and homeowners navigate financial responsibilities like saving for a down payment, securing the right lender, building equity and saving for renovations… [OJO Labs:] “TheContinue reading “#PropTech / OJO Labs acquires personal finance platform Digs”

#PersonalFinanceManagement #WealthTech / Robinhood Challenger M1 Finance Closes $45 Million Funding Round

M1 offers a free, customizable, no-minimum and zero-commission investing platform with fractional shares and automation, similar to Robinhood. Where it differs, however, is in its offering of different accounts: brokerage, IRA, trust, and it’s ability to manage and rebalance a customized portfolio over time and its lending and cash management services. But M1 does notContinue reading “#PersonalFinanceManagement #WealthTech / Robinhood Challenger M1 Finance Closes $45 Million Funding Round”

#PersonalFinanceManagement / BoA Expands Into Digital Financial Planning For Consumers

Life Plan can be accessed through the Bank of America mobile app and website. It allows users to select and prioritize their financial goals in areas like finances, family, health, home, work, leisure and giving… Users can create adjustable goals to change along with their priorities, and progress can be monitored through personalized guidelines andContinue reading “#PersonalFinanceManagement / BoA Expands Into Digital Financial Planning For Consumers”

#PersonalFinanceManagement / Venmo Introduces First Ever Credit Card

The new card… gives customers automatic cash back on every eligible purchase, a personalized rewards experience, and the ability to manage the card directly in the Venmo app. Features of the credit card include: [ – ]… intelligent rewards system capable of managing and personalizing each customer’s spending habits… [ – ] … an easyContinue reading “#PersonalFinanceManagement / Venmo Introduces First Ever Credit Card”

#AI #PersonalFinanceManagement / Aussie start-up WeMoney raises $2m

Aussie financial health fintech WeMoney has raised $2 million… WeMoney plans investment in AI and machine learning in 2021 The fintech aims to help people set and achieve financial goals. It tracks pending utility bills and other recurring payments. [Founder] … says that the firm will focus on better ways of analysing the data itContinue reading “#AI #PersonalFinanceManagement / Aussie start-up WeMoney raises $2m”

#FinancialInclusion #FinancialLiteracy / Teen banking app Step launches

Step, a teenager-focused US mobile banking startup backed by Stripe, has enlisted TikTok star Charli D’Amelio to help publicise its launch this week. The brainchild of Gyft co-founder CJ MacDonald and Square veteran Alexey Kalinichenko, Step is building a mobile-based bank account – held with Evolve Bank – specifically designed for teens… Last year itContinue reading “#FinancialInclusion #FinancialLiteracy / Teen banking app Step launches”

#PersonalFinanceManagement / US challenger One launches all-in-one card to serve middle class

One, a US challenger hoping to reinvent banking for middle class families, has publicly launched following its beta testing. One’s debit card offers a mixture of current, savings, and credit services. Users can earn a 1% annual percentage yield (APY) on savings up to $10,000 via the basic One account. With a pay cheque directContinue reading “#PersonalFinanceManagement / US challenger One launches all-in-one card to serve middle class”

#WealthTech / Wealthfront launches Autopilot, automating savings and money management

… Autopilot can be set up in just a couple of minutes to monitor an account daily to ensure a client only keeps the amount of cash on hand that she really needs. When a balance exceeds a prescribed amount, Autopilot automatically deposits the money into an account of a client’s choosing. Clients can chooseContinue reading “#WealthTech / Wealthfront launches Autopilot, automating savings and money management”