#Payments / WorldRemit To Buy Sendwave Amid Remittance Surge

WorldRemit, a digital cross-border payments company, has agreed to purchase Sendwave, a company specializing in remittances… Sendwave, despite the acquisition, will operate on its own and retain control of its own mobile applications, brand, management, employees and key parties, the release stated. [WorldRemit CEO said] … that both companies “share a common purpose: allowing customersContinue reading “#Payments / WorldRemit To Buy Sendwave Amid Remittance Surge”

#Remittances / MoneyGram signs remittances deal with Airtel Africa

MoneyGram International has signed a new partnership with telecoms firm Airtel Africa to allow the latter’s customers to revive mobile wallet payments. MoneyGram says that customers funds are available “immediately” to pay bills or for services… MoneyGram has tied up several remittance partnerships this year, including with Al Rajhi Bank and Federal Bank. Bloomberg reportedContinue reading “#Remittances / MoneyGram signs remittances deal with Airtel Africa”

#Payments / TransferWise goes global with Mastercard partnership

TransferWise has extended its card issuance partnership with Mastercard to issue cards in any market where the latter is accepted. TransferWise claims to have issued more than one million cards globally with Mastercard. With a Japan launch planned for later this year, the firm is now planning a wider global expansion. TransferWise hit a valuationContinue reading “#Payments / TransferWise goes global with Mastercard partnership”

#Payments / TransferWise Valuation Reached $5B

TransferWise, the online money transfer service startup, is now valued at $5 billion thanks to a secondary share sale as investors embrace online payments… The 9-year-old unicorn, the term used to describe a startup company with a value of more than $1 billion, calls itself one of the world’s fastest growing tech firms. It competesContinue reading “#Payments / TransferWise Valuation Reached $5B”